Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction: Books

“Consignment” and “Living Brave.” Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World, edited by Darien Hsu Gee and Carla Crujido. Woodhall Press, forthcoming September 2022.“Glyph.” Our Place Is in Our Soul, ed. Serra Hoagland & Steve Albert. Forthcoming 2022.“Hope is in the Dance.” Hope is the Thing, ed. B. J. Hollars. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2021.”“Air is Between These Words, Fanning the Flame”: Poetry and Literary Inheritance.” Native Voices: Honoring Indigenous Poetry from North America.  Ed. Dean Rader & CMarie Fuhrman.  North Adams, MA: Tupelo Press, 2019. 218-23. Print.

“Rituals of Memory.” Adaptation Reprint in Print and Online Education Publications in Multiple Years including Collections (2nd edition).  Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2016.  21-25. Print.

“This Weight of Small Bodies.” in Colors of Nature: Culture, Identity, and the Natural World.  Ed. Alison Deming & Lauret Savoy.  Minneapolis: Milkweed, 2011.  188-95. Print.

“The Voices We Carry.” After Confession: Poetry as Autobiography.  Eds. David Graham & Kate Sontag.  St. Paul, MN: Greywolf Press, 2001.  269-80. Print.

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“The Birth of New Languages.” This Giving Birth: Pregnancy and Childbirth in American Woman’s Writing.  Eds. Susan MacCullum-Whitcomb and Julie Tharp. Bowling Green, OH: Popular Press, 1999.   157-71. Print.

“On Mapping and Urban Shamans.” As We Are Now: Essays by Urban Mixedbloods.  Ed. William S. Penn.  Berkeley: U of California Press, 1997. 115-25. Print.

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“Introduction,” War Cries: A Collection of Plays, by Diane Glancy, Holy Cow Press, 1996.
Excerpts from “The Greatest American Indian Work Ever, Or What Really is Indian Literature?” American Indian Voices: A Regional Literacy Symposium, Faith B. Miracle, Wisconsin Academy of Science, 1996.

Creative Nonfiction: Journals

 “Body Language.” Notre Dame Magazine, Spring 2021.“A Belief, But Not a Fact.” 30 Days Hath September.2020: A Daily Collection of the Horrors and Hopes Around Us.  Black Earth Institute. September 21, 2020. Web.“Sights of Removal.” Vassar Review: Fact, Fiction, Fabrication: Truth or Lies in Art or Literature. Issue 4. 2019. 5-9. Print.“Mazina’igan: To Feast on Words.” Tribal College Journal.  30.1 (Fall 2018). 44-45. Print & Web.

Mini-Essay in “This Land is Your Land: The 22 best US national parks to escape the crowds, chosen by experts.” The Guardian. May 25, 2018. Print and Web.

“Leaning Toward An Other Light.” Brain Mill Press Celebrates Poetry Month 2017. Ed. Christina Kubasta. Web. (for feature cover) (for essay).

Micro-Essay/Blog, “Storied Landscapes.” Milwaukee Urban Ecology Center. April 2017. Web.

Essay & Photo, “The Resonance of Re-membering.” Bramble.  Ed. Christina Kubasta. Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (Winter 2017). Web. (for image and link) (for essay text).

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