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    Bemidji State University

    Beyond the Expected Poem

    A “successful” poem or series of poems sometimes traps us into repeating the formula.  How do we keep our poetry practice vital? If writing is inquiry, where do we look for unexpected questions that will enrich our poems? In this generative workshop, writers will set aside their comfortable habits and try new tools of inquiry, bend their forms and usual approaches to writing, and engage in unexpected “collaborations.” Our days will include writing exercises and prompts, discussion of excerpts from essays on poetics, and inspiration from the natural world. We will read a diverse range of poems as inspiration and with an eye on their architecture and method. As we share drafts and plan revisions, we will try to move beyond intention by following the energy of the image(s) and the detours of language. Participants should leave the workshop with a group of new poem drafts and a “bank” of ideas for further writing.

Kim at Returning the Gift Festival, 2012 in Milwaukee, Indian Summer Stage.

Kim at Returning the Gift Festival, 2012 in Milwaukee, Indian Summer Stage.


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  • Fri

    The Light of the World Came Through

    2:20 pmPennsylvania Convention Center (In-person & online)

    (LeAnne Howe, Kim Blaeser, Heid Erdrich)

    Panelists discuss the making of the landmark anthology When The Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through. The poetry, songs, and chants in the anthology span four centuries and includes 161 Native nations poets. There is nothing like it that can account for the lands and the poets and poetry that came from these lands. Panelists will discuss the editorial structure of the book that begins in the East to North and continues West and then to the South.

    2022 AWP Indigenous-Aboriginal American Writers Caucus 
    Friday March 25, 2022 5:00pm 126A, Pennsylvania Convention Center, 100 Level Philadelphia
    Kimberly Blaeser, Rena Priest, and Deborah Taffa — Shauna Osborn, Organizer