Poems Online

Alexandre Gallery April Virtual Exhibit “Poems and Paintings.” Poem included: “Wellspring: Words from Water” https://viewingroom-alexandregallery.exhibit-e.art/viewing-room/national-poetry-month#tab:thumbnails;slide:7

“Nibii-wiiyawan Bawaadanan,” “Wellspring: Words from Water,” “Dreams of Water Bodies,” “Poem for a Tattered Planet: If the Measure is Life,” “A Water Poem for Remembering,” ““Because We Come From Everything”,” “The Solace of Forgotten Races,” “The Way We Love Something Small,” “Manoominike-giizis,” Balance on the verge of vision. Siwarmayu: a river of hummingbirds. Web. http://siwarmayu.com/balance-on-the-verge-of-vision-kimberly-m-blaeser/

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Three Poems in French Translation “Ikwe-niimi: Résister en dansant (Ikwe-niimi: Dancing Resistance), “Manoominike-giizis,” “Les mots d’après (After Words).”  Translation by Béatrice Machet.  Levure littéraire.  (Numéro 14, 2018). Web.

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