Radio Appearances & Podcasts

Podcast, “Bad Breath,” with Gerald Vizenor and Kimberly Blaeser, Fiction Collective 2, June 18, 2021.–with-Gerald-Vizenor-and-Kimberly-Blaeser-e130ipd/a-a5tsvlf

Interview Podcast, Native American Calling, Book of the Month: Copper Yearning, Wednesday, April 28, 2021. Live & Web.

Audio Reading, “The Where in My Belly,” Poem of the Week, Split This Rock, March 26, 2021.

Podcast. When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through, Professors Gordon Henry, LeAnne Howe, Margaret Noodin, and Kimberly Blaeser.”Prerequisites.Michigan State University Library, March 25, 2021.

Audio Reading & Discussion, “Poem on Disappearance,” Living Nations, Living Words. Ed. Joy Harjo. Library of Congress, 2021. Web.

Radio Interview, “Writing Poetry During A Pandemic,” Wisconsin Public Radio, The Morning Show, May 4, 2020.

Audio Reading, “The Way We Love Something Small,” Poem-a-Day. Academy of American Poets. April 8, 2020. Web.

Radio Interview, “Copper Yearning, A Collection Of Poems,” The Morning Show, January 1, 2020.

Radio Interview, for Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice, WORT 89.9 FM, 8 O’clock Buzz, April 8, 2019.

Interview Podcast, Interview by Janet McAdams, Kenyon Review

Radio Poetry Performance, “A Song for Giving Back,” at “Making Waves: Live in Milwaukee,” To the Best of Our Knowledge, May 05, 2018. (Link to Poem:

Radio Interview, “Who Owns Water,” To the Best of Our Knowledge, October 16, 2016. (Link to Interview, “Wisconsin’s Poet Laureate on the Deeper Meaning of Water” interviewed by Anne Strainchamps), (Link to “An Anishinaabe Poem and Creation Story,” Poem, “Dreams of Water Bodies”)

Radio Interview, “The Natural Beauty of the Wisconsin Idea” with Anne Strainchamps, “The Wisconsin Idea (Special),” To the Best of Our Knowledge, live recording May 26, 2016, released June 12, 2016.

Audio Essay, “Of Spines and Dreams” for “Wisconsin Life: The Power of Poetry,” Central Time, Wisconsin Public Radio, May 16, 2016.

Interview/Reading, “Around the Corner with John McGivern: The Fond du Lac Episode,” January 7, 2016.

Radio Show, WMSA: “The Blues Drive” Presents Voices of Wisconsin Poets, Featuring Kimberly Blaeser, Milwaukee, WI, June 27, 2015.

Radio Interview, “Wisconsin’s Poet Laureate Advocates For Poetry For All, By All,” Lake Effect with Bonnie North, February 10, 2015.

Radio Interview, “Meet Kimberly Blaeser, Wisconsin’s New Poet Laureate” WPR with Chuck Quirmbach, January 11, 2015.

Interview, Winter Storytelling,” Native American Calling, October 21. 2013.

Radio Interview with Chuck Quirmbach, “Native American Writers Gather in Milwaukee,” WPR, September 5, 2012. Link:

Audio Essay & Seven Photos, “Of Marshland and Memory,” for Wisconsin Life Radio Show (WPR), May 9, 2012, Link:

Radio Interview: KOJB Book of the Month, January 11, 2012.