Résister en dansant / Ikwe-niimi: Dancing Resistance. Nyons, France: Éditions des Lisières, 2020. French poetry book.

Five Poems, Manoominike-giizis,” “Again the Night,” “The Knife my Father Gave Me at Eight,” “The Way We Love Something Small,” and “After Words.” In Other Words: Poems by Wisconsin Poets in English and Chinese ed. Lisa Vihos and Sylvia Cavanaugh, Chicago: Chicago Academic Press, forthcoming 2021. Print.

Bi-Lingual Poetry Feature (Includes 8 poems, Artist Statement, One Original Photo, Video Links)SIWARMAYU: un río de colibríes, July 2020. “A Water Poem for Remembering,”  “The Way We Love Something Small,” “Wellspring: Words from Water,” “Nibii-wiiyawan Bawaadanan/Dreams of Water Bodies,” “Poem for a Tattered Planet: If the Measure is Life,” “Because We Come From Everything,” “The Solace of Forgotten Races,” “Manoominike-giizis.” Web. 

Two Poems in Chinese Translations, “Oology” and “Ikwe-niimi: Dancing Resistance,” Poetry Hall: Chinese and English Bilingual Journal. Vol. 2. No. 2, June 2019. 110-11. Print.

Three Poems/Picto Poems in Spanish Translation, “Wellspring: Words from Water/Manantial: palabras del agua,” “Poem for a Tattered Planet: If the Measure is Life/Poema para un planeta hecho trizas: si la medida es la vida,” and “Of the many ways to say: Please Stand/Sobre las muchas formas para decir: por favor, levántate.” Translations by Juan Sanchez and Andrea Echeverría. In “Keepers of Minerals, Forests, and Waters.” Diálogo Magazine. Vol. 22, No. 1, Spring 2019. 141-45. Print.

Four Poems in French Translation, “Initiés à la justice (Apprenticed to Justice),” “Quand nous chantons le pouvoir (When We Sing of Might),” “Fantaisies de femmes (Fantasies of Women),” and “Campement du rocher sacré (Sacred Stone Camp).”   Trans. Béatrice Machet.  Au-delà du chagrin (Beyond Sorrow).  Ed. Béatrice Machet.  Marignane, France: Wallâda Publishing, 2018.  33-45. Print.

Three Poems in Hungarian Translation: “A darvak nyelve,” (“A Crane Language”) “Családfa,” (“Family Tree,”) & “Anza Borrego, 1995.”  Medvefelhő a város felett: Észak-amerikai indián költők antológiája.  Ed. Gyukics Gábor.  Budapest, Hungary: Scolar Kiadó, 2015.  132-39. Print.

“After Words/Ishkwa Ikidowinan,” Anishinaabemowin Translation by Meg Noodin.  In Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue 54 (Spring/Summer 2014),  55-57. Print.

Four Poems in Spanish Translation: “Árbol Genealógico”(“Family Tree), “Reescribes Tu Vida” (Rewriting Your Life), “Donde Estaba Ese Día” (“Where I Was That Day), “Recita Los Nombres de Todos Los Indígenas Suicidados” (“Recite the Names of All the Suicided Indians”); One Poem in English: “Family Tree;” in En esa Redonda Nación de Sangre: Poesía Indígena Estadounidense Contemporánea, ed. Katherine M. Hedeen & Víctor Rodríwuez Núñez (Coyoacán, Mexico: La Cabra Ediciones, 2011)  73-84, 178-80. Print.

Other Translations

Three Poems in French Translation “Ikwe-niimi: Résister en dansant (Ikwe-niimi: Dancing Resistance), “Manoominike-giizis,” “Les mots d’après (After Words).”  Translation by Béatrice Machet. Levure littéraire.  (Numéro 14, 2018). Web.

Children’s Play, “Woodpecker’s Love Song/ Meme Noodikwemaazo,” Anishinaabemowin Teg Conference, March 31, 2017. (Performed in the Anishinaabe Language, Translation by Margaret Noodin.)

Exhibit, Poetry, Barents Spectacle “Translation,” Kirkenes, Norway, January-February, 2006, (Norwegian Translations).